Bode Saadu – Visit To A Peaceful & Beautiful Town In Moro Local Government Of Kwara State

Bode saadu is a beautiful town, located in Moro local government of Kwara State, Nigeria.

It’s also one of the popular towns in Kwara State known to produce one of the very important positions, “The Emir Of Ilorin” . The town of Bode Saadu has it in record to have produced a couple of great Emirs in the past.


One other unique thing about this town is the peaceful environment that this town has. Bode Saadu is home to quite a mixture of tribes such as the Yorubas, Hausa, Nupe, Fulani, Igbo and other ethics tribes found in Nigeria , all living happily and peacefully .


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Visiting Bode Saadu:

Let’s walk you through how to find your way to this wonderful and peaceful town.

From any where in Ilorin, board a bike or taxi, going to GAMBARI junction, alight at the junction where bus drivers pick up students going to Kwara State University, Malete.


From the junction, you can spot a line-up of cars, picking up passengers, going to Jebba, Bode saadu, among other places.

Transportation as at the time of visit costs N800 naira.

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About Bode Saadu

Bode Saadu is a peaceful town, with a cool and serene environment . You can easily notice that the residents practice good agriculture, as there’re lots of green fields, with beautiful crops such as maize, millet, rice, ground nuts, among many others. The town also practices animal husbandry, which can be seen at various areas of the town.


You can also be assured of getting goods and services at a cheaper rate, at the town market place where residents in the town go to, for selling of their goods.

As at the time of visit, items found on display at the market square includes food items such as pepper, tomatoes, fishes, vegetables, locust beans, herbal produce, raw food items like rice, beans, garri, and so on.




The town also has a dam, located some few kilometres away from the town.


The people in the town practice various occupations such as farming, trading, shoe making, calabash carving, painting, tailoring, fishing among other professions.

The town also boasts of a working educational system, as there exists good schools to cater for proper children educational upbringing, from nursery to secondary.



Don’t Miss The Spectacular Views!

You can also get a good view of the popular Oshin river, alongside the railway that passes through this beautiful town of Bode Saadu.




Towards the west side, is a set of beautiful hills, with lovely green vegetations that shows the town is extremely rich for agricuiltural practices.

There is no doubt that the beautiful town of Bode Saadu is such a wonderful place to visit, peaceful, with a mixture of beautiful tribes across the entire Nigeria.



We will definitely visit this wonderful town again, to further explore more beautiful places in this beautiful town, as well as the people, their culture and some beautiful festivals that we were informed about.


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  • Abisola
    August 17, 2022 at 1:32 pm

    This is beautiful and lovely…

  • Bolaji
    March 9, 2023 at 6:18 am

    This town reminds me of my NYSC days in Bida, Niger State; we transit through Bode Saadu; whenever go to Ibadan. A beautiful town.

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