Explore Kwara – A Tourism Visit To Jebba, Juju Rock, River Niger – Kwara State

Exploring Kwara State has always been one of our major goals, with our aim centered towards bringing various tourism areas to residents in Kwara and even beyond. On this post, we will be sharing in brief our exploration of a beautiful small town in Kwara State.



Jebba is a small town that shares boundary with Niger state. Not just that, it is home to a couple of tourist attraction figures and subjects that the entire world needs to know about.



They include the following:

  1. River Niger
  2. Mungo Park cenotaph
  3. Juju rock
  4. Jebba railway bridge
  5. Jebba paper mill
  6. Jebba dam



How to get there:


If you reside in Ilorin, take a cab or bike to GAMBARI, informing the driver you are alighting at KWASU bustop. (Other destinations that the travel cars visit from this bus top are BODE SAADU, JEBBA.

From this bus top, enter a car, going to Jebba. Transport fare as at the time of travel was N1,200 only.





There are a couple of places you can visit, easily, that would kick start your adventure once you reach jebba.

  1. ย Visit the Jebba railway bridge. This bridge is one of the beautiful sights you can imagine, with the long, continuous diminishing sight of the bridges at afar.


Have a wonderful view of the River niger, and the long bridge that crosses the third- longest river in West Africa.



Viewing the River Niger is full of non-ending beautiful sights of this wonderful work of nature. You can never get enough of the amazing horizons, and view of the landscape.

One other thing to experience is riding a canoe on the River. The fishermen here are friendly and easy to approach. Crossing the river Niger is one of the most amazing things to experience visiting Jebba.




History has it that non-indigenes who are not from Jebba or the city around jebba shouldn’t try to swim in the River Niger.


We were informed during the tourism that past tourists who attempted to swim in the third-longest river in West africa , got carried away in the river. (For safety basis, you are advised not to go for a dive or swim in the river) except. you know and can relate with the river spirits ๐Ÿ™‚





This amazing venue is one of the most visited places by tourists in Jebba. It is a monument that was errected in -between the twin bridges in memory of an European explorer named Mungo Park. (We are sure you’ve heard about him)






This rock is another wonderful piece of nature that visitors always admire, as we would be sharing with you some secrets about this nature piece.

You can see the JUJU rock, while you are beside the Mungo park cenotaph (At a long distance) . This rock is amazing, and full of wow experiences that would leave you…speechless and feelings of an adventurous explorer ๐Ÿ™‚



You can get a beautiful experience of this JUJU rock , by visiting a small village called Mazhi . The people in this village are very friendly and easy to approach. You can get a ride towards the Juju rock, JUju beach and also get a closer view of the Jebba Dam.



Myth Of the Juju Rock


As the name JUJU implies (Means voodoo in Yoruba language) , you would not want to climb this rock. Apart from the very steep rock sides, which makes it impossible to climb, the rock also has some historic stories of the rock top.

It was told during our visit that people don’t climb the rock, compared to Sobi Hills, one of the popular tourism places in Ilorin, Kwara State.


Sobi Hills โ€“ A Tourism Visit To The Popular Sobi Hill In Ilorin, Kwara State

Only powerful and spiritual persons are only privileged to climb this sacred rock.

It was also told that there are varieties of creatures that are also SACRED and abnormal that can be seen on the Juju rock.

We don’t advise that you climb this rock .. except you’re a .. SUPERMAN or.. you’re ready to see a monkey with 4 eyes and 5 tails ย ๐Ÿ™‚





Oh yes, you also stand a chance of seeing the monkeys on the JUJU rock, ..ย  as at the time of visit, some monkeys could be seen running to the rock when they sighted us from afar.


JUJU Beach


Oh yes, we can’t skip this part, .. while moving round the JUJU rock, we stubmled on a beautiful beach, just at the back of the rock.

The view is amazing, and guess what! You can have some swims on the river!

Our tourist guide told us we are safe to swim on the river, as there are no spirits that can draw foreigners ..like the River niger .


We had a wonderful swimming experience at the beach, before bidding the rock goodbye!


A Tourism Visit to the Unilorin Dam – Ilorin, Kwara State





While leaving the small village of mazhi, we got loads of take-aways from the fishermen by purchasing fresh and smoked fishes. You can get best deals from them, trust us!




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