A Tourism Visit To The Popular Oja Ipata Market in Ilorin, Kwara State (Pictures)

Oja Ipata is one of Ilorin’s most visited marketplace, after Mandate market and Oja Tuntun, all situated in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Oja ipata is located along he popular Oja-gboro road.

You can expect a very welcome approach by the market women and traders in the market.



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How to get there:

From anywhere in Ilorin, alight at the popular Post office, and pick a bike or cab going to Ipata Market. (You will be dropped right infront of Ipata Market.

Right from the entrance of the market, various traders can be spotted displaying their goods and products.

Kwarans love shopping at the Ipata market majorly because of the affordable prices of food stuffs sold in the marketplace . (You can be assured of getting the best price when it comes to FOODSTUFFS at Ipata Market.)

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Items that can be found in the market includes:

Food stuffs (eg Yam, rice, beans, garri, yam flour, pepper, tomatoes, etc) , meat of various types like cow meat, goat meat, etc , fish, ponmo, packaged items like spaghetti, noodles, and so on. Oja Ipata is also a good place to get fruits of various types, nice and fresh, at an affordable cost.

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Ilorin’s favourite food item , WARA can also be gotten fresh and at a very good price at the market. Snails of big species are not left out at the market.

Herb items such as tree bark, leaves, roots can also be gotten at the Ipata market.

Are you also looking for home items and kitchen utensils such as plastics, plates, spoons and other home items, Ipata market is a perfect place to get.


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