Sobi Hills – A Tourism Visit To The Popular Sobi Hill In Ilorin, Kwara State

Sobi hills is the tallest / highest hill located in Ilorin, Kwara State. It’s the highest natural land form from which the entire city of Ilorin can be seen at a glance.

It is one of the most visited fun spots, in which people, friends and tourists love to visit when visiting the city of Ilorin .

Climbing the hill is absolutely FREE!



It is located along Akerebiata – Sobi road, before Sobi barracks, Ilorin – East local government of Kwara State.

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How to get there:

From anywhere in Ilorin, take a Bike or cab going to Post office.

From Post office, take a cab / Bike to Kulende Estate Junction.

From Kulende junction, take a bike or Tricycle (Napep/Maruwa) going to sobi mountain, you will alight at the entrance to the hill, just before you approach Sobi barracks .

Note: The entrance to the popular sobi hill is not really celebrated (You shouldn’t expect a gate entrance or compound prior to climbing the hill.

Climbing the Hill

Climbing the hill to the peak top, takes about 45 minutes.

You are expected to rest in-between the journey, as you are likely to experience some stress as far as your leg muscles are concerned , it’s a bit tough , just as any mountain climbing should be.

Expect some sloppy small hills, as you approach the hill top.


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Climbing Guide:

While climbing the hill, you will notice a white line printed on the hill, this will guide you in climbing the hill, avoiding some very steep parts of the hill that are not so safe to climb for beginners.

Follow this line and you’ll enjoy the climb.

Things to notice while climbing:

While climbing the mountain, you’ll notice some religious gathering on some areas of the mountain, ranging from Christian clerics to Muslims.

They also have some areas set aside with stone demarcations indicating those areas that are not to be trespassed.

Victory At Last


Climbing to the hill top would amaze you!

You are presented with a wide view of the entire Ilorin at your sight!


If you are a bit familiar with Ilorin, try spotting the popular Emir’s palace located at Oja Oba (try spotting the golden top of the palace). This will guide you in your search to identifying the wide view you’re presented .


Other Details:

People at the top of the hill are very nice and entertaining, at the hill top, they will welcome you warmly, briefing you about the history of the mountain, activities happening and creatures found on the hill.

Your appreciation to them would go a long way, backed with series of prayers, and prayers .


Back Home:

Descending the hill is not as stressful as climbing, you might have to move fast at some point, trying to beat some sloppy hills while descending.

You are faced with some new beautiful views even as you climb down the hill.


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Summary :

It’s really worth the climb, you get to see new views of the ancient city of Ilorin, beautiful views, trees, creatures and also get to learn about the history of the hill.


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