A Visit To The Popular Oja Tuntun (New Market) in Ilorin, Kwara State

Oja tuntun is one of ilorin’s major market place, located along Abdul azeez Attah road, ilorin.
It’s one of the most visited in Ilorin metropolis for varieties of items ranging from food stuffs,  clothings, kitchen items, herbal products, and many other items required for everyday use.


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How to get there:

From any where, take a cab, keke or bike going to General round about, along Ibrahim taiwo road, Ilorin.

From General, take a bike, cab or keke going to Oja tuntun , you will be taken right inside the market place.

Surrounding the market are some major banks such as FCMB, ZENITH Bank, Unity bank making it easier for the market business men and women to easily carry out their daily banking transactions.

Oja tuntun is a one stop market place for an average house and is mostly known for Food materials.

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Items Available At The Market

You can get food items such as Yam, Rice, Oil, Fresh pepper & tomatoes, Vegetables, Ewedu, varieties of fresh meats, Fruits of various types, Wara (Milk Curds) and many other popular food stuffs.

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You can also get herb items and recipes in the market as there’s a section where herbs sellers are situated in the market.

You can also get your desired clothing materials like Adire, ankara, silk materials and other quality cloth materials from Oja tuntun .


Also located within the market vicinity is the IBEDC office, which makes it easier for residents in Ilorin to shop at the market whenever they choose to pay their electricity bills.


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