Oja Oba, The King’s Market – Located In The City Of Ilorin, Kwara State (Pictures)

There is no one who is based in Ilorin, the capital City of Kwara State that does not know of the popular OJA OBA (King’s Market).

It is a very busy market, close to the Emir’s palace where its name was derived. It’s also close to Ilorin central Mosque. Oja oba is said to be the largest market in Ilorin. The number of people, rather than the number of stalls or shops, makes a market in Ilorin.

Pictures By: Xultan Visuals  | Twitter

OJA OBA is located along Ipata road. It is a location on it’s own, as areas located around it are described using the OJA OBA address.

It is a type of market where you can get almost everything as far as Ilorin is concerned, and gets visitor from across Kwara State.

Varieties of food stuffs can be located in Oja Oba, ranging from rice, beans, garri, ponmo(cow skin), konko, fura, iru (Locust beans), provisions, house materials, clothes, shoes, and several other items.

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If you need to do a one stop market shopping consisting of food stuffs and house materials, OJA OBA is the place to be.

How To Get There:

From any where in Ilorin, you can pick up a bike, tell him you are going to OJA OBA.

If TAXI, make sure you get close to the General Post Office in Ilorin, then stop any Taxi, going to OJA OBA.

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