A Visit To Agba Dam, The First Dam in Kwara State, Located in Ilorin

Agba Dam is an earth dam with about 1344 million litres capacity. It also happens to be the first DAM to be constructed here in Kwara State.

Being a earth dam, the diameter of the bell mouth (i.e the channel of spillway is about 2 metres.) During raining seasons, the dam spills excess water down the channel, that runs across some areas in Ilorin.

Areas where the excess spill water flows across makes good use of the free resources in washing activities such as car wash, tent washing and other washing services.

It also helps to improve farming by providing good water for the soil in neighbouring farm lands where farmers do planting.

According to the Kwara State Water Corporation, the dam supplies raw water through an intake to a treatment plant where the water is treated.

Agba dam supplies raw water through an intake to a treatment plant where the water is treated and distributed to some parts of Ilorin such as the Government House, the entire G.R.A, Gaa akanbi, Olunlade, Offa garage and some parts of Ibrahim taiwo Road.

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The overhead tank of the fire service at the Ibrahim Taiwo road and the areas around Unity Road are also supplied by the reservoir.

Agba dam is also a major location where students visits during excursion , to learn more about dams and how they operate.

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You can enjoy a spectacular view when you visit the popular water view located along the government house, or from SUCCOTH garden.

Drop your comments in the section below on what you think about the dam and suggestions to better utilize the dam.


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