A Visit To Oke Onigbin Town – Located In Isin LGA Of Kwara State

Oke-Onigbin is a small peaceful town, located in the heart of the Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. It is mostly inhabited by the Igbomina people, and boasts of rich cultural heritage.


It is also a stop location for tourists touring Owu Waterfalls to shop and rest before proceeding on their journey to their final destination.

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The people in Oke Onigbin are very friendly and welcome visitors wholeheartedly , as experienced during our visit to this wonderful town on several occasions.

Oke Onigbin boasts of basic social amenities such as good water, electricity, schools, market place and many others.

People in One Onigbin practice farming, trading , and other forms of businesses.

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