Kwara State NDLEA Apprehends Trio Involved in Drug Trafficking

The Kwara State Division of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has apprehended three individuals believed to be notorious for distributing illegal drugs in various parts of the state.

Addressing the media in Ilorin, the capital of the state, on Tuesday, the state’s NDLEA commander, Mohammed Ibrahim, discussed ongoing efforts to curtail the flow of hard drugs. According to Ibrahim, these arrests were made within a span of one week.

Ibrahim characterized Nwankwo Innocent, one of the suspected drug traffickers, as a significant supplier of psychotropic substances in the state capital. He also disclosed the capture of two other suspects, Solomon Sonowo and Abubakar Tijani, on charges related to drug offenses.

He stated, “In the preceding week, our command intercepted 4 kilograms of cannabis sativa (commonly known as Indian hemp), as well as meth and methamphetamine from a 24-year-old individual named Solomon Sonowo in the Moro Local Government Area of the state. Abubakar Tijani, aged 33, was also apprehended in possession of 14 kilograms of cannabis sativa in Bode Saadu.”

Furthermore, a key distributor of psychotropic drugs in Kwara State, initially identified as Chidi Godwin (formerly Chidi Jonathan), was taken into custody. Further investigation revealed that his true identity is Nwankwo Innocent. He operates as a notorious supplier of psychotropic substances in the state and conducts his illicit trade without an official shop, indicating that he is not a registered patent medicine seller.

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“He sources his supplies from Lagos State, and the contraband was intercepted on August 12. Upon summoning him to collect the consignment, he was apprehended. The seized items include 1.95 kilograms of tramadol, 2.95 kilograms of Diazepam, and 179 grams of Pentazocine,” Ibrahim explained.

The NDLEA head noted that the suspect has been involved in this illicit trade for many years, and his arrest is expected to significantly disrupt the supply and availability of psychotropic substances within the state.

Ibrahim confirmed that following the completion of the investigation, the three suspects will face legal charges. He expressed concern over the data from drug seizures and suspect arrests recorded between January and June 2023, highlighting that 85 percent of those apprehended fell between the ages of 14 and 40 years. Moreover, 89 percent of individuals who underwent brief counseling and rehabilitation at the command center also fell within the same age range.


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