Crafting Tradition: The Cassava Transformation at Owode Market, Offa, Kwara State

Right in the beautiful market of Owode in Offa lies a captivating sight — a bustling cassava processing place that hummed with life and purpose. The air was infused with the earthy aroma of cassava, a staple crop deeply woven into the fabric of the region’s culture and cuisine.

At the stall, the market women deftly peeled and sliced cassava roots, their hands moving in a rhythmic dance that showcased years of expertise. The sound of the knife against the cutting board created a soothing melody, almost like a tribute to the age-old tradition of cassava processing.

Adjacent to the peeling station, a grinding machine roared to life, transforming the cassava slices into a coarse, grainy paste. The mechanical rhythm of the machine contrasted with the organic process of peeling, yet both played an essential role in the transformation of cassava from root to final product.

The stall was a symphony of activity, with baskets of cassava chips awaiting their turn for grinding, and large bowls of the freshly ground paste ready to be molded into various culinary delights. The stall owner explained the various uses of cassava in local cuisine, from the beloved “amala” to “fufu” and the popular garri.

As I watched the process unfold, I couldn’t help but appreciate the intricate balance between tradition and innovation. The stall was a testament to the resourcefulness of the local community, where age-old techniques harmonized seamlessly with modern tools.

Leaving the stall, I carried with me a newfound appreciation for the journey of cassava from the earth to the plate—a journey that embodies the resilience, culture, and culinary heritage of Offa and its vibrant Owode Market.\


Have you peeled cassava before ❓️❓️❓️???????? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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