A Tour Visit To Bode Saadu’s Popular Market Place, In Moro LGA , Kwara State

Bode saadu is beautiful town, located at Moro local government area of Kwara State.

On this post, we will be sharing with you our visit to Bode saadu’s market during their market day.

Just like many towns and cities in Nigeria , there’s always a particular calculation in which the major market days are being held. Aside the particular market day, the market runs but is not as full and busy like the major selected market day.

We visited Bode saadu on their market day, which takes place every 5 days . Various sellers and buyers visits the market place with display of their goods and products. It would amaze you that buyers comes from as far as Ilorin , Ogbomosho, and other neighbouring towns to carry out buying and selling on their market day.

We could sight lots of Fulani’s with their goods such as Suya, clothes, pepper 🌶, tomatoes, groundnuts, rams, everyday items, farm tools, calabash among many other items for sale .

Bode Saadu – Visit To A Peaceful & Beautiful Town In Moro Local Government Of Kwara State

Among these items for sale, we noticed 2 major products that draws attention of buyers from afar. They include :

1. Pepper, onions and tomatoes – these are everyday items needed in almost every household to prepare sumptuous meals .

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2. Groundnuts – bags of groundnuts could be seen packed, ready for loading to other towns and cities .

The people at the marketplace includes Yorubas, Fulanis, Igbo, and many other tribes .

The sellers were friendly and accommodating… ranging from the suya seller to the pepper sellers, and other commodities sellers.

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How To Get There
If you would be visiting Bode Saadu during their market day, its advisable to leave early in other to get very good bargains and fresh products .

If you are visiting from Ilorin, take a bike or cab to Gambari, where you will board the bus or motor to Bode Saadu, tell the driver you will alight at Bode saadu market .

It was a wonderful experience during our visit to this lively market.

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